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Who Run Strip Clubs?

                    The following report came in from a friend.  It has been adapted to protect people's identity.

It was amazing to see the lonliness, pain 
and the yearning for acceptance 
and the joy of possibility 
all within those words

While on our trip one evening we started talking to this guy and found out  he was from the same city.  He asked my husband, "Well, what do you do?"  He  explained, then asked him, "Well, what do you do?" and the guy said "Well I  don't usually tell people, but for some reason I feel like I can tell you guys this and can trust you".  Then he went on telling that he was an  executive for some strip clubs.  After a few minutes of just talking about this and that, My husband said "Well I am kinda on the opposite end of the job spectrum from you, the software I do is bible software".  Then they went on and talked a while longer.  The guy then said "Well tell me about your software, how does it work? Is it easy to use? etc." They continued on discussing the bible for about ½ hour.

The guy was totally surprised about my husband's attitude.  He said "You know most Christians judge me right away when they hear about what I do".  My husband looked at him and said "Its not my job to judge you, it's God's.  I'll leave it up to him".  Then my husband continued on by saying,"Its amazing most people would think that people who work in your industry have no spiritual perspective, but you seem to be fairly curious and seeking the answers". The guy said "Oh yeah,  sometimes I think people that work with me actually think about God more than the rest".

At the end of the conversation my husband and this guy decided they would hook back up in our city for coffee sometime and discuss the Bible some more.  I came along and happened to have a pen and paper and got the guy's address to send him our software and some music CDs.  He is excited to study the bible with people that aren't going to judge him but just love him.  He made it clear when they ended the conversation by saying "Please remember the person I am is not the strip club I work for, I believe in God and I believe in the bible and I believe that is who I am".  It was amazing to see the lonliness, pain and the yearning for acceptance and the joy of possibility all within those words.

Your prayers for this man - and others like him that Jesus also died for - would be appreciated. 

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