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Jesus, and his committed followers through the years, took the love of God into the market places of communities: cities, towns and villages. Many times He didn't preach. He just prayed for people's felt needs. That led to further conversation. That's what the Prayer Station ministry is all about. We don't force anything on anybody. We do offer free prayer, to  those who want it. Often this leads into an opportunity to share more about God and what Jesus' life and ministry was all about.

Prayer Does Change Things

Find out how the Auckland, New Zealand Prayer Station was involved in bringing New Life in Singapore.

Auckland Prayer StationTo read a recent update of the Prayer Station ministry, click here.  Does Satan think he controls Queen Street?  Read more: click here

Prayer Station poem gives a feel for this ministry.

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If you're interested in joining us in Auckland - as an individual or a group - cantact: Across Ministries: - 021 039 6739.

If you're interested in a prayer station for your New Zealand community contact us at:, or for other parts of the world, contact YWAM NYC.

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Prayer Station Background

About two years ago we started using a Prayer Station dowtown Auckland.  The results have been very encouraging.  People have come to the Lord through this simple tool - offering prayer for people's felt needs.  Many people struggle with their health or a relationship problem, the need for a job or a family member with a serious problem. Praying for people's felt needs is something our Lord did - and so have Christians through the centuries.  And often that opens the door to discussing more about the Lord.  Many lives have been touched by this simple approach.  From various Pacific Islands, to various parts of Europe and Asia, and of course Australia and New Zealand.

Prayer Stations started by our friends in New York City, YWAM leaders Nick and Rosanne Savoca.  Outreach teams from many parts of the world have come to the Big Apple to offer free prayer for those who want it.  And thousands have accepted the offer.  God has met the needs of many on the streets of NYC. 

They've had as many as 18 Prayer Stations up at one time in Manhattan alone. Now there are Prayer Stations in over 200 cities around the world.  But that's...
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If you're interested in a prayer station for your New Zealand community contact us at:, or for other parts of the world, contact YWAM NYC.

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