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Ray and Patience Gifford

Ray Gifford had a good marriage, two lovely daughters, and several grandchildren when he lost his wife, Wendy, following a long illness.  He'd been an earthmover, driving huge machines to level land for new home developments, shopping centers, etc. He also had served on church boards and in various ways had worked to build the Kingdom of God. But mostly, Ray was a follower and lover of Jesus whose life drew others to Christ.

Patience Laws served as a missionary in Mexico, teaching and sharing the love of the Lord she knew so well. In recent years Paish, as she is called, began to teach young missionaries-in-training how to hear the voice of God, how to have an intimate relationship with Jesus, and how to battle in the heavenlies through intercession.

For many years Ray's lovely wife Wendy and Paish were best friends. They exchanged letters, visited one another's homes, and shared together their relationship with Christ.
Ray and Patience Gifford
 After Wendy's death, God began to weave together the hearts of Ray and Patience.

In 2003 they were married. Ray sold his business in Southern California and they watched God meld their lives into a team.

Paish still does most of the teaching. But Ray's constant prayer, their godly role modeling, and Ray's wise counsel for students, have touched the lives of hundreds as they have taught in Youth With A Mission schools, churches, and other settings in several U.S. States, Canada, and Central America.


Gifford Family

The Giffords can be reached through the office of
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