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During over 40 years of marriage, and while pastoring two different churches for a total of 35 years, Pete and Bev Caruso have learned vital principles of leadership, of relationship, and of biblical marriage and family.

They have effectively shared these principles in over 40 countries. They have written many of these in their published books and articles.

Now they have combined their training, experience, and background to develop a unique Pastors' Seminar geared to train and equip pastors, primarily among minority groups in the United States. The Seminar includes a comprehensive syllabus (collection of sermon/teaching notes from the seminar and more) which enables a pastor to receive the Carusos' training, apply it to his own life, then in turn, use the printed material to teach the principles to his own congregation.

Seminar topics include:

Biblical Covenant versus Marriage Contract
God's Authority Structure
Importance of Forgiveness
Differences by God's Design
Keys to Good Communication
Importance of Affirmation
Taking Time to Communicate
What is Good Communication?
Hindrances to Good Communication
Levels of Communication
Listening with Your Heart
The Importance of Understanding Feelings
Goals for the Christian Family
Understanding Spiritual Gifts and How They Affect Home Life
How to Truly Love Your Wife and Meet Her Needs
What is Biblical Submission?
Love, Honor and O Boy!
Lovemaking, God's Gift to Marriage
Purpose and Function of a Local Church and Its Leaders
Ministry That Flows Out of One's Family LIfe, Not Competing with It
Equipping the Saints for the Work of the Ministry

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