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Hospitality Center for Christian Ministers and Missionaries

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Rancho de la Paz
a place where God's workers
find rest, relaxation, and restoration

sunrise at Rancho

Rancho de la Paz provides a place of ministry in Southern California to pastors, missionaries, and other Christian workers who are involved in spreading the Kingdom of God on earth.
Rancho de la Paz is a Spanish phrase meaning

Ranch of Peace

That's our goal, to provide a peaceful setting where you can rest, restore, or write. Located in rural Southern California, about 60 miles south east of Los Angeles and 65 miles north of  San Diego, the Ranch is only 5 miles from lovely Lake Elsinore.

We offer three basic services:
Transition Missionary Housing

Restoration Hill

Writers' Haven

Guests are welcome to stay up to two weeks per visit.

We are closed during July, August and December.

Rancho de la Paz is a faith ministry

Recommended donation:

Rooms per night: 
Single or Couple: $30; Family: $35
RV parking with hookups – $20 
If this is more than you can afford,
any help to cover
our utilities
would be appreciated.

To inquire about availability

In addition to our six guest rooms, we have three spaces for RVs with hookups for electricity, water, and the septic tank. A good place for R & R for a ministry couple or family. Lake Elsinore's new motto is Dream Extreme. Explore our visitor's web site to see all the activities the city has to offer:

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