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Hands-On Writers' Seminars

Bev Caruso
Bev has trained both beginning and advanced writers from over twenty-five countries. This lively, interactive seminar includes a syllabus for each student. They may be one-day; an evening followed by a full-day; or a series of weekly sessions. For mission schools, a full one- or two-week workshop includes 5 hours of teaching per day, plus critique groups and writing assignments.

If you have a group of at least ten interested writers, I'm willling to work with you. You'll need to arrange for:
  • A meeting place
  • All promotion and recruitment
  • Registration and any student fees
  • Sound system, if a large group
  • My expenses (transportation and housing if at a distance from Riverside/Corona, CA area)
  • Honorarium - $40 per student per day
  • Interpreter if needed
If you have a highly motivated group of less than ten, I'm willing to come,
but need $400 per day above expenses.
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