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Series of Messages

Pete and Bev Caruso

Growing a Healthy Church - excellent for church leadership retreats. Covers interpersonal relationships, giftings, leadership styles, personal priorities and attitudes, and home/church/community needs (1 hour overview to 15 hours)

Pastors' and Leaders' Seminar - The leader and his (or her) relationship with God, his family, his followers, his community, his ministry, and fellow leaders . Providing pastors and leaders with a biblical basis for church life and function, his role as pastor, and understanding of the biblical perspective of marriage and parenting. Includes a syllabus with extensive notes so pastors can in turn teach their congregations. Especially designed for pastors in the developing world.

Prayer and Victorious Living - A vital area of understanding for overcoming the past and having a victorious daily life. Covers understanding the darkness kingdom, the power of the Word, aggressive and defensive faith, and the role of prayer and intercession (1 hour overview to 12 hours)

Home and Family - Life changing principles and concepts dealing with, expectations, communication problems, finances, lovemaking, child rearing, personality and gender differences, and the extended family. Great for couples' retreats, weekend seminars, or family camps (1 hour overview to 20 hours)

Communication Skills for Effective Living - A key topic for family camps, leadership seminars, or church staff meetings. Areas covered include: the need for affirmation, breaking down barriers, the art of listening, saying what you mean, and the impact of body language (1 hour overview to 12 hours)

Ministering Through Writing - from the basics of clarifying ideas, to organizing, writing, editing, and selling to publications 

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