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Topics for Writers' Seminars
Can Include

Bev Caruso

*Boldfaced titles are covered in every seminar.
  • Sharpen Your Focus - Questions You Must Answer Before You Begin Writing
  • Targeting Your Audience
  • Identifying and Clarifying Your Message
  • Choosing Your Viewpoint
  • Selecting the Right Structure: Thematic, Narrative or Fiction
  • Tools of the Thematic Writer - Making Your Material Interesting and Memorable
  • Writing True Stories Using Fiction Techniques
  • Writing For Magazines - Types of Articles and Selecting Your Markets
  • Taking Your Reader into Your Scenes
  • Editing Your Own Work
  • How to Know Whether You Have a Book - and Whether You Should be the Writer
  • How to Keep 'Em Turning the Pages
  • The Writer's Support Network - Other Writers, Prayer Partners, Writers' Publications
  • Analyzing the Publishing Field
  • <>Marketing Your Writing  - Selling Your Work to an Editor
  • <>Queries, Cover Letters, Book Proposals
  • Reselling Articles
  • Sell Before You Write - Effective Use of Query Letters and Book Proposals
  • Promoting Your Writing - The Media and the Speaking Circuit
  • Promotion Tips from Pre-publication to Follow-up 
  • Writing Other Peoples' Stories - Ghost and With-Writing
  • Interviewing Techniques and Taboos
  • Writing for the Child-Reader
  • Writing for the Cross-Over Market    
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