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Prayer Station - Auckland, New Zealand
We knew the Prayer Station approach was working great in New York City. But would it
work in Auckland? As if God were shouting "Yes! I'll meet people anywhere!" we hardly
got the Prayer Station up in Auckland's major red light district when a twenty-something
guy came up and asked a few questions. He had been an atheist most of his life, but had
recently read a book that convinced him there was probably a God. But He had yet to
encounter Him.

Within a few minutes I was praying with him and God so touched him, he said: "Wow. I
can't believe it! My heart is pounding so fast. I didn't know God would meet people
anywhere like this." He had a smile on his face that revealed the joy of the Lord. A few
minutes later I found myself praying with another man - a Tongan Pentecostal who wanted
prayer regarding a relationship.

Pray with us that many will use this tool - the Prayer Station - as a means of helping people
encounter God. If you are interested in this, let us know. Email:
- David Hall, Across Ministries

Christianity Spreading - Nepal
The gospel is going forth in the Himalayan country of Nepal, winning souls, planting
churches and training leaders, according to Missions Insiders. "Despite the disruption in
their country through terrorist rebel activities", their Bible correspondence course is
"reaching thousands." He said that new churches are being planted, and "as more people
place faith in Jesus Christ new worship fellowships are being formed". - Missions Insider

Healings in Copenhagen - Europe
At Copenhagen's Christian Culture Center (CCCC), many people reported healings of lung
cancer, deafness and other ailments which have been confirmed by doctors. Doctor Tine
Damsgaard, investigating during the events, declared that the medical condition of many
people had definitely improved.

Ndifon tells of one woman from Australia who asked for prayer that she would be able to
see again with her left eye. She removed her glass eye, and during prayer, a new eyeball
formed in its place, with which she was able to see. - Friday Fax

Effective Outreach
continues in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, the Pacific Islands, South
America, Africa and many other places all across the world. Pray to the Lord of the harvest,
for those on the field, for more workers, for open hearts and minds...
- Youth With A Mission

Good News ACROSS the World

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Church is "good for your health"
"Sociologists from Harvard and Yale Universities (USA) have discovered that regular
participation in church life significantly reduces the chances of drug abuse and
alcoholism. Churchgoers have only half as many psychological problems, and 71%
fewer alcohol problems. That may be a good reason for health insurance companies to
recognize churches as prophylactic institutions."
- Source: Prof. Wolfgang Ockenfels, Germany
Good News ACROSS the World