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Some of the Across ministry leaders

Across Officers

President - David B. Hall
Vice President - Anita (Bogdan) Hale
Secretary - Beverly Caruso
Treasurer - Jerry Poe

Board of Directors

Beverly Caruso
Anita (Bogdan) Hale
David Hall

Jerry Poe

Across Ministry Leaders

David P. Caruso
Pete & Beverly Caruso
David & Lydia Hall
Don & Patti Hall
Ken & Peggy Krake
Peter & Esther Kim
Ray & Patience Laws
Dean & Debbie Peterson

Note: Most of the
ministries that are part of Across
have their own volunteers,
leadership &/or advisory teams.

If you have an interest in being part of Across in some way, you can email Across:

Board of Reference

Bob & Yvonne Turnbull - Conference / Seminar speakers, actor; former Chaplain of Waikiki - USA
Daniel & Yolanda Kikawa - Author / Pacific and Japanese culture researcher - Honolulu, Hawaii
Dale & Patti Coad - Missionary regional coordinators, Carribbean
Danny & Linda Lehmann - Youth With A Mission, Hawaii state director; Calvary Chapel, elder / author - Honolulu

John & Julie Dawson - Reconciliation Coalition, YWAM international President - Mt Roskill/Los Angeles
Haami (Sam) Tutu Chapman - Houhanga Rongo, director - Otara
Leon Siu - Christian Voice / Singer; Hawaii Assoc. of Evangelicals, secretary - Honolulu, Oahu
Mark & Dayna Blair - Kazakhstan Missionary; former pastor of Haili Church, Hilo, Hawaii
Monte & Linda Ohia - Maori / Christian affairs consultant, Wellington
Neville & Sue Wilson - Habitat for Humanity - Auckland
Niles & Aileen Kageyama - Missionary Church, pastor - Kauai, Hawaii
Randy Furushima - pastor - Honolulu / Aiea, Hawaii
Scott & Sandi Tompkins - University of the Nations, Kona; Free lance writers, editors, publishers - Kona
Steve & Marlene Boston - Serving in India and the USA

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