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A Changed Life (Gan of China)

One of China's largest (about 20 million) unreached people groups. The story takes place in the city of Nanchang, the center of the Gan population. This presentation is one of the few evangelistic films made in mainland China. Available in Gan and Mandarin language.
Watch the film: [A Changed Life]  in the Gan language

A Changed Life (Mandarin/China)

Watch the film: [A Changed Life]  in the Mandarin language

A Greater Love (Bamar of Myanmar)

A Greater Love is a film full of action and despair. A young man finds that money can cause even your best friends to betray you. Follow him as he discovers that Jesus can give him a new life and a greater love.
Watch the film: [A Greater Love] [stream]

Ahmad's Dream (Malays)

Utilising testimonies, a dramatic adaptation of a biblical parable, and a cast of over ten Malay actors, this video sensitively shares Christ's message of love and reconciliation in Malay. (In the Malay Language)  Watch the film: [Ahmad´s Dream]

Building a Family of Love (Mongolia)

The Disciplined Father is a touching story of a small boy who learns that only Jesus can rebuild the foundations of his family. Shot in the majestic hills of Mongolia this film is very appropriate for Mongolians wherever they are in the world.
Watch the film: [Building a Family of Love]

Debt of Honor (Madurese of Indonesia)

Debt of Honor is a Gospel video in the Madurese language which makes use of stories adapted from the culture of this very unreached people. Madurese settings and music enhance the message that Christ has paid the debt for our sins. (In the Madurese Language)
Watch the film: [Debt of Honor]

Help From Heaven (Balinese of Indonesia)

Wayang's grandfather is dying and desires for him to take up dance classes again. But Wayang learns more than the art of dance from his instructor. He and his grandfather both gain greater insight into the grace of God that is sufficient for eternal life. A contextualised Balinese dance performance highlights the message.  Watch the film: [Help from Heaven]

New Life (Awadhi of India)

90% of the Awadhi are Hindu. Hinduism is a difficult religion to describe, as it embraces a wide variety of beliefs, as well as many different gods. In addition to basic Hindu customs and tradition, the Awadhi have added animistic practices. They fear evil spirits and perform many rituals in an attempt to manipulate them.  Watch the film: [New Life]

The Burning Heart (Bengali of Bangladesh)

The Burning Heart is a heartfelt story of a Bengali man and his search for truth after a close relative dies. Using the Prodigal Son parable, a friend shows him that he can find salvation through Isa al Masih - the anointed Saviour. Original Bengali Christian music complements the film. Watch the film: [The Burning Heart]

The Light of Revelation (Hui of China)

China's largest Muslim people group. In this film new bridges to reach the heart and mind of the Hui are dramatically illustrated through the life story of a seeker. (For the 10 million Hui)
Watch the film: [The Light of Revelation]

The Return of Singkorn (Isaan of Thailand)

Singkorn's Return is an exciting adventure in the life of a young Isaan boy and his friends. Together they discover the evil in the world and finally escape it through the power of love. (In the Isaan Language)
Watch the film: [The Return of Singkorn]

Irun's Dream (Sasak of Indonesia)

Irun's Dream dramatises a Sasak family's search to find peace and Irun's obedience to share God's love with them through storytelling and the parables of the Gospel.
Watch the film: [Irun's Dream]

The Greatest Sacrifice (Urdu of India)

The Prodigal Son, adapted for an Urdu Muslim audience. Urdu speaking professional actors and traditional dress make this a powerful Gospel presentation.
Watch the film: [The Greatest Sacrifice]

Finding True Peace (Minangkabau of Indonesia)

Finding True Peace is a dramatisation of the Prodigal Son parable in the Minang language shot in scenic West Sumatra.  Watch the film: [Finding true Peace]

The Korban Provision (Uighers of China)

The Korban Provision is an inspiring portrayal of Christ's sacrifice contextualised through traditional Uighur music, clothing and settings. This original story, dramatised by professional Uighur actors, gives viewers new revelations of God's perfect love.  Watch the film: [The Korban Provision]

Restoring Relationships (Tujia of China)

Restoring Relationships is a compelling documentary of one of China's largest minority groups. With a population of 7 million and very little exposure to the Gospel message, this group is in great spiritual and physical need.  Watch the film: [Restoring Relationships]

Good News For You (Tibetans of China)

This evangelistic presentation (in multi-projector slide format) has proven to be an effective tool in reaching Tibetans worldwide by sharing the Gospel through drama, testimonies, indigenous art, and Tibetan Christian music. (In the Lhasa Tibetan Language)  Watch the film: [Good News For You]

Transformation (Banjara of India)

For the 20 million Banjara in Central India. Filmed in a traditional Banjara village, this film depicts the power of prayer and healing to help a whole community receive God's love and forgiveness.
Watch the film: [Transformation]

The Scales of God (Wolof of Senegal)

The Scales of God is a dramatic account of a jeweler searching for recognition in his community. After he subtly attempts to swindle another business man, he learns valuable lessons in the Bible about honesty and how God looks upon our good works vs. salvation through faith in Isa. The main character eventually brings his whole family to a contextual fellowship where they all learn the ways of God for their new life in Him.

The Followers of Isa (Turks of Turkey)

Evangelistic Film for the 40 million Turks in the Turkish language.
Two young village boys are later reunited in Istanbul after one has become a believer. After a series of dramatic events, the believer helps his friend discover new life through his testimony and new friends at a home fellowship.

Bastiar's Dream (Komering of Indonesia)

Bastiar's Dream in the Komering language portrays the love and forgiveness of the Father and how to follow the right path to the one true and living God. (In the Komering/Ulu Language) 

The Greatest Happiness (Manchus of China)

A contextualised film in Mandarin for the Manchus. Testimonies and a creative format combine to make a dynamic presentation of the gospel. Suitable for presenting to all Mandarin-speaking people groups.

Syamsul's Dream (Makassarese of Indonesia)

Syamsul's Dream dramatises the Makassar's felt needs through Syamsul and his fisherman friend. Together they discover God's joy and provision for their life and family.

Condemnation or Forgiveness (Lampung of Indonesia)

Condemnation or Forgiveness is an exciting story of one young man's choice to follow tradition or his heart. With thrilling knife fights and tender family scenes this film can be used to share that forgiveness is always better than holding a grudge.

Message from our friend (TC Maui grad.) Calvin, founder of Create:
Thank you so much, we really hope that you can help us get these hotlinks out so that more and more people can make use of these films. The above streaming video format on the Internet, so that now anyone can view all of our evangelistic films - produced for over thirty different people groups - in high quality, streaming video anywhere in the world through the technology of the Internet. We also want to make the URLs of these movies available to anyone who wants to put them on their own websites or use them in cyber cafe evangelism. Here they are. If you would like a copy of any of the above films, please go to our online store at: []

More Training through the Internet


Marital Happiness - If she's happy, he's happy - and vise versa
A Wife's Confessions - by Yvonne Turnbull - going from a complainer to one who compliments
Husband's Confession - by Bob Turnbull
Video Games - Do they Affect Kids? What about all the violence?
What Legacy Are You Leaving Behind? - by B&Y Turnbull
A Word to Dads - by R. Dwight Hill
Criticism Guidelines - by Bob & Yvonne Turnbull
Developing Character
Small Stuff in Marriage - by Bob & Yvonne Turnbull
Parenting Want Ad

10 Commandments 4 Parents  - from their Children

Family Life
Parenting & Tolerance  - by Josh McDowell
Mud Puddles and Dandelions
3 Words - that can help every relationship
Gods of Entertainment - Power of the Mass Media to Influence and Corrupt
Letter to Mom - how would you feel if you got a letter like this?
Building Spiritual Intimacy in Your Marriage - by Bob and Yvonne Turnbull
What is Man? - by Doug Giles
Discontent or Thankful? - by Bob & Yvonne Turnbull
The Power of Asking Questions - by Bob & Yvonne Turnbull


The Christian Magna Carta - Everyone on earth has the right to...
World Religions Statistics

Muslim Convert Preaches 2 Millions
57 cents
Multi-Culturalism & Missions - Dr. Sharon Linzey
Europe: the Prodigal Continent - by Jeff Fountain
Wilberforce Centurions Program - training mature Christians to advocate the Christian world view in all of life
Chinese Leader Speaks out on "Revival in the West"
God on Their Side - NY Times editorial on the role of evangelical missions in the developing world

MK's & TCK's (Missionary Kids & Third Culture Kids)

Below is a web address for a file compiled for MKs (missionary kids) and TCKs (third culture kids). However, I'm so impressed with the resources gathered here that I'm sending it to you. You may know someone (even your own kid? the visiting missionary's kid? yourself?) who may benefit from one or more of these resources. Notice that there are three sections. The last section might apply to your neighbor kid or one in your Sunday School class. Enjoy, Bev


What Is Church? by Wolfgang Simson
Where Are God's Master Builders  by Bryan Hupperts
Church Planting Movements bird in flight
One Church Helping Another
Discovering God's Game Plan - Jeff Yamashita
Revival Patterns by Barry Reed
When the Fire Fizzles - By David Hazzard
Apostolic Passion - by Floyd McClung
Women in Ministry - Richard M. Riss
Finishing Well
Leadership & Accountability
Stopped By a Brick
Weathering the Storm
Pastors Serve Around the World
Long and Winding Road - K.P. Yohannan describes his life in a poor Indian home, his time in Texas, his call back to Asia - now training over 35,000 children...
Fighting 4 What's Important - by Charles Colson
Whistleblowers - by Jeff Fountain


Across Pacific Magazine
Christian Heroes
Foundational Values of the USA
Thanksgiving - background & proclamations
Gullible Christians Snookered - Again? - Rev. Austin Miles
You Can Improve Your Memory
Disaster Survival Tips - by Doug Copp
Pacticing Christian Medicine - Somewhere between prayer and prozac
What Are You Thankful For Today?
Europe - Birthed through Reconciliation - by Jeff Fountain

Guidelines for Christian Ministries for Financial Accountability (11 kb)

These guidelines describe financial controls and the basic standards of accountability that are expected of ministry leaders by the YWAM European Leadership Team. Much of this can be helpful to  - and used by - other ministries as well

Some notes from Don Hall

Some notes from Pete Caruso

Some notes from Bev Caruso

Some notes from Ken Krake

Some notes from Other Sources

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